How we do

The word “empowerment” is used so much these days that it’s almost lost meaning. However, we truly believe that we do empower our clients. We do this in four ways:

  1. Internet technology that gives you control
  2. Professional, reliable support when you require it
  3. On-going education to help you do more
  4. An active community of like-minded people

Let’s look at each in turn …



  • Because we focus on working with infopreneurs, we use software with infopreneurs in mind. For example, your shopping cart allows you to take payment for e-books, seminars and webinars, not just for physical products.
  • The “content management system” on your Web site gives you control over your Web site. You can add new pages, publish articles, send newsletters, add products, add client testimonials, and update most things on your Web site yourself. You do it all from your Web browser, so you can do it from your home, office, airline lounge, hotel room, client premises, or anywhere else with Internet access.
  • We provide tutorials for other Internet software that could be useful for you – for example, podcasting, on-line video, creating a membership site, running webinars, and so on.


  • We include telephone training when we first create your site, to “walk you through” the most common features.
  • The Web host we use is very reliable, and responds quickly to your questions.
  • We’ve built a reputation for delivering on time and on budget, with no hidden costs.
  • You get access to detailed on-line tutorials to help you get more out of your Web site and on-line strategy. For example, we have tutorials about market research, blogging, podcasting, creating a membership site, conducting teleseminars, starting joint ventures, writing compelling Web copy, and more.
  • If you do want more support and help than the Web host provides, we put you in touch with a reputable company who’s worked with the providers we use for your Web site.


  • Gihan offers on-going education programs on leading-edge Internet topics. He’s a member of the National Speakers Association of Australia, and a leading member in the Thought Leaders community.
  • Because we’ve worked with infopreneurs since 1997, and Gihan has been using the Internet since 1988, we know what topics are most relevant and useful. We choose topics based on your demand and our knowledge.
  • Gihan also knows how to take the mass of information available about Internet marketing, and filter it to deliver the most relevant information for infopreneurs.
  • We present material in different formats – e-books, audio downloads, CDs and video tutorials – to suit your preferred learning style. We also present the live education in different ways – monthly webinars, intensive workshops, one-on-one coaching, and public seminars.


Because we work within the specific niche market of infopreneurs, our clients make up an active community of like-minded people. We make it easy to tap into the collective wisdom and knowledge of that community.

  • The eGurus Community is a private on-line community for our clients – a bit like a private version of Facebook – where you can take part in discussions, participate in webinars, and even promote yourself.
  • We occasionally host member-only networking events, such as lunches in Perth, Sydney and Melbourne.