Who we help

We work with clients in three niche markets:

  1. Information experts – such as speakers, trainers, consultants, coaches, mentors, authors, facilitators, and professional services
  2. Professional associations, clubs and societies
  3. Conference Web sites

You can see our full client list here.

The first of these markets – information experts, or “infopreneurs” – is our main area of work. The others are smaller, and generally done through our joint venture partners.

So if you’ve found us, and you’re not in the broad market of “information expert”, you’ll probably find that our Web site package isn’t right for you.

Why? Because it’s been designed with these markets in mind, and you’ll probably not use most of the features. So it will be an expensive, bloated option for you. You’d be much better off going to some other provider who can give you a different solution that’s more appropriate for your needs.

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Still here? Great!

We’d love to work with you if you’re professional, profitable and prolific – and you’d like to be more professional, more profitable and more prolific.

Here’s what we mean …


Our clients are professionals, who are serious about their business. They don’t want to use a Hotmail business address; they’ll want their own domain name; they don’t want other people’s advertising cluttering up their Web site; and so on.


One of our key points of difference is that we help you leverage your expertise. This means you must be an expert first! So it’s difficult for us to help people who are just starting out, unless they’ve already established their expertise elsewhere (e.g. as an academic, in politics, or in corporate life). It’s also much easier for us to help you if you’ve got a reasonable client base, and some cash flow.


On the Internet, you have to prove you’re an expert even before people visit your Web site. That’s why we help you leverage your expertise in a newsletter, blog, podcast, discussion groups, and other on-line places. To do this, you must be ready and willing to produce high-value content regularly. Otherwise, it’s difficult for us to help you leverage it! As a minimum, you should be producing at least one piece of new content every month (e.g. an article, newsletter, or blog post).

Make money WITH the Internet, not just ON the Internet.

Finally, although it might sound strange, we’re not in the business of helping you create an on-line business, where you spend all your marketing efforts bringing strangers to your site, and then sell them your products and services, to create a passive income stream. You will get some of that, but that’s not our main aim. Our main goal is to help you use the Internet to support your existing business.

If you want help with creating a passive income stream, we can refer you to people who can assist you.

Are you a good match?

If so, then we’re definitely interested in working with you.