Why Choose Us

An investment in your Web site is not to be taken lightly. So we’d like to give you some assistance here to explain why you should work with us.

Some years ago, we made the strategic decision to focus on this niche market of “information experts”. Yes, this means we deliberately turn away other work!

Although this means we’ll lose some work that we could do, it also means that we do a much better job at the work we choose. In other words, we provide a much better service for YOU as a client.

For instance, here are some things that set us apart from your average Web designer …

We understand the speaking industry.

Not only have we built more than 100 Web sites for infopreneurs; Gihan Perera is a speaker, trainer and consultant himself. He’s been invited to speak at professional speaker conferences in Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, South Africa and Canada.

We also speak your language. Most Web designers won’t have a clue what you mean if you talk about “speaker’s bureaus”, “back of room sales”, “room layout” or “selling from the platform”. WE DO.

Most importantly, we know the strategy to apply to your Web site, based on your current business strategy.

(By the way, our clients sailed through the dot-com crash with harly a ripple, because their Web sites were based on sound strategy, not marketing hype.)

We have a solid team to assist you.

Although Gihan is actively involved in First Step, it’s not just a “one-man show”. Our team includes Rae for development and support; Natasha for graphic design; and reliable Web hosting companies.

We give you control of your Web site.

Many Web designers like to keep control of your Web site, so you have to pay them each time you want to change anything. We take the opposite approach. We strive to give you control of your site, so you can make changes at any time. We back this up with an on-going education program so you know what to change, how to change it, and why you should be changing it.

We stay current with the latest technology trends.

For example, anybody can teach you how to create a blog (just sign up at Blogger.com, and you’ll have one in minutes), but they probably won’t tell you why to create it and what to write. We do. Part of your Web site package includes a detailed step-by-step guide to blogging, in e-book and audio format.

We’re a community, not just a supplier.

As a new Web site client, you automatically get a trial membership to our eGurus Community. This gives you access to high-quality resources for accelerating your business growth, and also gives you access to a community of like-minded people – in other words, our other clients.

We deliver great service!

Sure, everybody says that, right? But ask another Web designer whether they’ve been in business since 1997, get almost all their new work through referrals, and generated 80% of their annual income through repeat business. That’s the proof of our client service and on-going relationships.