Why Hiring a Ghost Writer for Your Blog Is a Great Investment


Creating a blog is a great way to share your passions, interests and knowledge with the world. It’s also a great way to make some extra money with ad revenue. Some people even make a living from the revenue made off of blogs. Blogging is a vast and interesting business, which is why some bloggers have chosen to hire ghostwriters to also make content for their blogs.

A ghostwriter is a third-party writer who writes content that is appropriate for the website while the blog owner pays for the rights to the content in order to legally post it on their blog. Some people are opposed to this practice because they might not want to use the content of other writers on a site that they call their own, but there are many reasons why hiring a ghostwriter for your blog is a great investment.

Professionally Written and Clean Work

While your writing skills in terms of grammar, punctuation, style and tone of voice may be fine, a may be able to provide cleaner and professionally written articles quickly and without hassle. It’s also common that bloggers don’t have proofreaders or editors working on their website to check for awkward styles, spelling mistakes, grammar troubles and more. Ghostwriters are typically professional enough to proofread their own work, but they also commonly have editors and software to help pick up any mistakes. If there are mistakes in the work, you can send it back and ask for changes or simply ask for a refund.

The quality of your work in content, style, spelling and grammar reflects greatly on you as a credible source of information and opinions. The more professional your content looks, the more professional you look. Since clients usually take the credit for these posts, all of the content and professionalism will only be reflected towards you and your blog. Make sure to check with your ghostwriter about their preferences with credit as some ghostwriters may want credit for certain kinds of content.

Quick Blog Posts


Another common road block for bloggers is the slow pace in which they work. Distractions, slow typing speed and more can all hinder writing time when trying to create new content for your blog. Ghostwriters have plenty of experience in creating professionally written content very quickly. This is especially useful if you have deadlines or a self-updating schedule.

More Time for Your Work and Other Activities

Blogs need to stay constantly updated in order to remain fresh, new and interesting. If this fresh content is not available on a regular basis, the blog may lose viewers at a steady pace. However, the blog writer usually has other previous engagements to attend to such as work, school, children, personal lives and more. While a blogger may want to constantly write and update their blog, it may not be feasible. allows you to have constantly updated blog content with little to no trouble on your part.

The Power of SEO

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a key factor in gathering a large audience. SEO is the practice of carefully inserting specific key words and phrases that are commonly used in search engines when searching for related content into blog posts and online articles. This allows your blog posts to be placed higher on the list of search engine results when searching for these key words and phrases, which will allow your blog to get more exposure and a wider audience. Ghostwriters are usually very knowledgeable in how SEO works and how to place these key words and phrases into blog posts without sounding awkward or forced.


Research takes up a lot of time when it comes to creating accurate and interesting blog posts. Ghostwriters are used to researching various topics in short amounts of time, so they can easily research your topics thoroughly in a very reasonable amount of time. In addition, ghostwriters typically have various resources for research that may lead you to find information that you’ve never heard or thought of before. This allows you to expand your knowledge on the topic and create even better content when you post.

Save and Gain More Money


One of the reasons that bloggers stay away from ghostwriters is the fact that they have to pay for content instead of creating it themselves for free. They don’t find the payment worth the additional content being made for their blog. However, these people aren’t looking at the big picture. It’s true that you do have to pay upfront for ghostwritten content, but you’ll be saving and even gaining money in the future by regularly updating your blog with professionally written and interesting content. A well-written and interesting blog that has plenty of SEO content can garner thousands or even millions of viewers. If you have means on your website to gain money from these viewers such as ad revenue, you’ll make far more profits with the content provided to you.

Cooperative Work

Hiring a ghostwriter not only means that they work for you, but they’ll also work with you. How can you build upon your content? Is there any recent news involving your main subject matter? Can you partner your blog with a related blog to hook in more viewers? All of these topics and more can be discussed and explored with your ghostwriter. You will always have full control over your blog, but having some extra input is also a good idea to expand your horizons and to please your readers architectural design guidelines.

Better Marketing

Another skill that ghostwriters tend to have is with marketing and promotion with social media websites. Practically every business and blog has a social media web page that allows them to get more exposure, hook in more readers and keep their readers updated on the status of the blog and plans for the future. This is also a good idea if your blog ever does suffer from a period of stagnation as you can alert most of your readers to certain updates about the website that may be preventing you from coming out with new content.

Creates a Fun Work Experience


While many people love to write, the process of regularly creating blog posts, researching, fact-checking and more can become very boring on your own. In addition, forcing yourself to work through boring work may cause your writing style to become bland and boring and it may even cause you to burnout. Writing with another person makes every aspect of your writing from brainstorming to researching to writing and proofreading a lot more fun and interesting.


There are many . They make you seem more professional and knowledgeable while also furthering your blog to possibly turn your fun hobby into a career. While blogs can generate plenty of profits on their own, many bloggers have gone on to write published novels and become professional writers because of their successful blogs. Ghostwriting can even help in published writing if you have the aspirations to become a writer. There are many options available to you when it comes to choosing a ghostwriter, but as long as you choose a professional and knowledgeable writer with plenty of creativity you’ll be sure to have a successful blog no matter what the subject matter is.