Advantages of buying property in Catalonia

For whatever purpose you decide to buy accommodation in Catalonia: tourist rentals, own permanent or temporary residence, life or leisure of relatives and friends – this region will be one of the best choices in Spain. Why is Catalonia ideal and considered a reliable region for investment? We will answer this question in this article.

Of course, many people will now remember the unpleasant events that took place not so long ago in this Spanish region. And, of course, will do the right thing: when investing in real estate, you need to remember all the risks. But the security of investment in Catalonia real estate today is indisputable. After a severe economic and political crisis, the region’s economy is recovering steadily. Real estate prices in Catalonia are rising, this applies to both new buildings and secondary housing. There is also a growing flow of investors, among whom a special “zeal” is the visionary Britons. These factors speak for themselves. You can also take a closer look at the features of luxury real estate in Spain at the following link

Why Catalonia? The advantages of the region

Catalonia is, above all, an identity. It is not boring here: culture, traditions, cuisine, holidays – everything is special, all its own! For recreation and accommodation, both temporary and all year round – this is one of the best regions. From the frenzied rhythm of a metropolis (Barcelona) to the secluded lifestyle of a seaside village, investors can choose from a variety of options. Clean beaches, magnificent landscapes, secluded coves – all this is available for those who choose to invest in a small house or comfortable villa on the coast. Such real estate is always liquid. And liquidity, as you know, is one of the most important moments in investing in housing.

Catalonia real estate is one of the most expensive in Spain, about 20% more expensive than in other regions. But this is offset by the fact that the payback here is 5-6% higher. At any time of year to rent a house, villa, apartment or apartment here is quite easy. If you decide to buy a home to rent out, Catalonia is an excellent choice. Reliability of investment when choosing Catalonia property is many times higher. This is because only those agencies that have the appropriate licences can sell properties in this region. By making your choice in Catalonia you are protecting yourself from all the risks. Only professionals who have third party liability insurance sell real estate here. One more pleasant thing: in Catalonia you will not overpay for nothing. The percentage that the realtor takes on the transaction is fixed (up to 5%). This is not the case in any other region of Spain.

Catalonia: reliability in everything

The French, English, Scandinavians, Italians are the main foreign buyers of Catalonia real estate. All have their own motives. But the fact that the excellent trade turnover here is manifested in everything – undeniable. It is Catalonia more often than other regions meets guests of various international forums and congresses, investment projects in the cultural, medical and economic spheres. It also says a lot about this region. Transport accessibility, developed infrastructure, a large variety of real estate for every taste, high quality of life – all these are the undoubted advantages of Catalonia as one of the most attractive for investment in the Spanish provinces. So if you are looking for a reliable region to invest in Spain, it is worth turning to Catalonia. But do not forget about other tourist centers, such as the island of Mallorca.