Retail Accounting Program

Precoro is an online retail sales accounting program. The service contains the main operations – purchase, sale and return, loading nomenclature from tables, import and export of suppliers and buyers. In the program of goods accounting you can draw up income and expenditure of money, monitor the balance in the cash register, set up discounts, keep statistics and sales analytics. You can connect an online cash register, barcode scanner and online shop to the service.

Simple program for the store

Imagine that. On one scale – something complicated and cumbersome, maybe you have already found a program that seems to be for the store, but it seems that – against. On the second side – a convenient program for accounting, it – lightweight, attractive, with a nice interface and understands you from a semicircle. What are you leaning towards? The answer is obvious. That’s what we want to tell you about the second option.

Small business goods accounting

The retail sales accounting program is designed for shop owners, coffee shops, flower shops and service providers. It is easy to use and works on several devices – computer, smartphone, tablet, cash smart terminal. Keep track of your business anywhere in the world. The service allows you to keep track of goods in stock. Connect to the storage system, create position groups and use categories. Quick addition of nomenclature allows you to create product modifications by properties. Also works import directory from any table – Excel, Word, catalog or price on the site. Trade program will help you to import the catalog and immediately set the commodity-money balance.

The program is used to record goods in trade. There are general and detailed reports on sales, finance, staff efficiency. Detailed analytics in the trading program will help to identify commodity positions with the highest margin, mark the most efficient employees, periods that brought the company more profit. Use the cashier’s workstation. You can really expand your real opportunities using some additional software. As soon as you start using this program, you will have a chance to notice its effectiveness on your own and make all the important conclusions for you. If you can approach this task more correctly, then you will have the opportunity to get exactly the result that will be most important to you.

You no longer need to puzzle: where and how to download the free shop software? At the free rate you can keep a record for one shop, where only 1 employee can work. That’s why Precoro can work like any program for a small store or a single point of sale, without having to download, install and update it. And access to data via the mobile app for the store will make it possible to fully use the program for the small store.

Retail accounting

The program for accounting and automation of trade Precoro is universal. Service can be a program for a clothing store, can be a program for a car spare parts store, cosmetics store or a grocery store. Precoro is also suitable for the service industry. In the program you can not only keep a warehouse account, but also to collect reports on the financial situation of the company, maintain a customer base and in general – to keep all information about the business under control. So you can just open the link and study all the features of the software more carefully. If you can pay more attention to this issue, then you will be able to achieve maximum results and efficiency from this software.