How to get free money

Let’s discuss other ways to get something for free. For some individuals, finding sites that give away free stuff is a real sport. I propose to explore a short list of different ways to help you get money or other material goods for free on the Internet. You should also carefully study the material about how to open a casino

Ways to get money

  1. Sites that give away money for visiting their resource. Typically, such portals once a day paid a certain amount to an electronic purse of the user. This is done in order to increase the attendance of the site. For example, in the “exchangers”, which convert virtual money into real money, this is very common. The whole problem is that you will be paid very modest money. If you do some simple calculations, it turns out that in order to get a substantial amount, you’ll have to visit at least 10 thousand such resources per day. This is not realistic.
  2. Something to donate. There are sites on the Internet, where people offer unwanted items, animals, etc. for donation. Naturally, it is impossible for the average consumer to make money on this. The only thing you can get is a small savings. Usually give items that are used, their cost is quite low, but if you count every penny, you will be pleased to receive something as a donation. As for animals, the masses can give away non-bred cats and dogs. No one gives away elite or purebred animals. Such sites bring profit to the owners of resources, this business can be built on advertising other portals with paid services or goods.
  3. Discount sites. In the U.S., such options allow you to earn, or rather, save a decent amount of money. Coupons cut out of newspapers or received electronically are given at supermarket cash desks. With serious shopping can really save a few hundred dollars. It turns out that you pay only a portion of the cost. It can be really beneficial, the main thing is to catch the right moment and have time to purchase a coupon for a discount.
  4. Credit. This is very conditional money for free, because you’ll have to pay it back, and even with a very decent interest. You should not cheat the bank or MFI, because the law requires that you have to pay back everything you take. When getting money on the card, don’t forget that the lenders will never let you out of their sight.
  5. Forex. If you do not have insider information, you will not get rich at once. 

We’ve considered only a few ways, which allow you to save money urgently/in the long run, or get money for free. Now you know that there are simply no good ways to really become the owner of a serious sum at no cost. Freebies from casinos are even a myth. A special case – the real things in the donation, but not everyone is ready to use the items that were used by others. It is possible to be interested in this burning topic, but remember that nowadays there are a lot of cheaters, who are ready to cheat you. 


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