How to succeed in CS:GO

In today’s world, there is an infinite amount of information that anyone can learn if they want to. So, theoretically, it is possible to learn anything. But the most important thing is not “What” to learn, but “How?” That is the value of a good teacher, instructor, mentor. It helps you master even the most difficult material with ease. And don’t forget to use a modern CSGO case. Today we’re going to look at some effective teaching tips. 

  1. Start small. Don’t be in a hurry to do complicated and cool tricks in CS:GO right away. Master the most basic things first. Whether it’s proper positioning, movement, simple combat construction, or anything else. 
  2. Do it slowly but correctly. Remember, no matter how much you want you can’t do even simple things right away as cool as the best players. Striving for it is great, but that doesn’t mean you have to do it right away. The most important thing is to understand the principle of how to do it and do it slowly, correctly, putting the right information into your muscle memory and only when you get it right, gradually increase the speed. 
  3. Choose 1-2 basic skills. After watching the guides, there is so much information that you don’t know where to start. Worst of all, you often try to do everything at once. With this approach, you chase everything at once and will not catch anyone, while remaining even an unpleasant residue of your own failure, which is not really true. You can. Just define 1 or 2 of the primary skills for yourself that you would like to learn and that are most important, start with them. And when they’re pumped up, you can expand.     
  4. Take breaks. Often, when we are motivated, after a video, tournament or for other reasons, we are ready to practice from morning till night to learn new skills and skills. It’s important to be focused, as in point 3 and take time to develop. But at the same time, if you overload your brain, your working memory, your brain fails. That’s why if you want to develop, make yourself a training schedule. And give yourself time to rest. So your brain, like a muscle, can develop. Because here, just like with an arm muscle for example, if you overtrain it in a motivated way, you’re going to get crepura.

Here are 4 basic principles of training, which will help you to become even cooler and achieve your dreams and aspirations in eSports and not only. If you want to change something, here is the best csgo case to open.

Within lan games of course the time for playing is limited and below are 3 different methods which can be successfully mixed before lan games (10-15 minutes for playing). Online of course you can sit at the computer earlier and fully use all 3 options. These methods are by no means a substitute for a full training!

  • Unleashing on aim.botz. Shoot 500 bots with different weapons (usp/m4a4/ak/awp), but we don’t stop there, but kill bots on the move, so you could feel the model a bit and clearly hit the head when strafing.
  • Razzle on training.aim.csgo2. Set up settings and knock out 200-300 targets, it will be enough to feel that would feel sensu.
  • Go to any surf/bhop server and fly/jump as much as you have time. On these servers you can quickly feel the model, sensu and as quickly as possible to join the game.
  • The last way – this map from the workshop from Yprac, they need to choose Defense mode and kill the bots running at you from behind shelters and from all sides. In the closest possible situation in the game.

That’s the end of our mini-gayde about playmaking before 5×5 games. Choose one method or mix a few, whichever suits your fancy. Through trial and error you’ll find the right ways to warmap. Remember that before lan games, you will always be limited in time and you need to play as effectively and quickly as possible.