Where to find the target audience and followers of Instagram

Let’s assume that you have successfully managed the first subscribers using the service https://poprey.com/instagram_followers, well, what to do next, how to attract the target audience to Instagram? Let’s consider ways that allow you to increase the number of subscribers, and consequently, potential customers.

The best ways to find followers

  1. Targeted advertising. You can run it through Instagram or with the Ads Manager Facebook service. You can select a target audience in Instagram and customize the display of ads by: geo, interests, marital status, age, gender. That is, according to all those data that users specify themselves when registering in social networks.
  2. Community advertising. Naturally, when you know about the interests of their target audience, you can choose publicity in other social networks and agree to place ads there. Suitable sites for you will also be groups covering related topics. For example, moms can be found in communities dedicated to child development, school issues, etc. If you sell children’s clothing, this is a great option for promoting your business and attracting your target audience.
  3. Advertising at the stars. This way without a doubt is effective, but it is better to use it if you sell the common goods, if you promote yourself as a specialist in a certain area, if you want to introduce a new product to the market or if you want to promote a big brand. If your business is based on selling white china, it may not be the best option.
  4. Advertise with bloggers. Today in almost any field, there are Influencers, experts in the field, whose opinions are listened to. Try to determine which bloggers are subscribed to the bulk of your target audience, cooperation with such a person will help to draw attention to your product and find customers on Instagram. When selecting a suitable profile, take into account the number of subscribers, comments and user activity. Finding a blogger is easy if you know the interests of your target audience.
  5. Sponsoring a giveaway. Such events are very popular with both ordinary users and stars, many hold such contests to increase activity. For sponsors, this method of attracting attention is not so good, because after the giveaway, the unsubscribes will be enormous, this value reaches up to 90%. It is better to prefer this way to buy subscribers, the unsubscriptions will not be so substantial.


Social networks are blurring all boundaries, and many users are able to follow the trends and news, regardless of their country of residence. Try looking for inspiration from similar companies abroad. Maybe you’ll find potential customers, especially if your products can be sold regardless of where you live.


Manually select and analyze your audience on your own

The options described above can get the public’s attention quickly, but they usually cost money. Let’s take a look at what plan of action will help you gather a target audience on Instagram for free and on your own. This way you can find followers on instagram and increase your sales.

  • Competitor Analysis. Be sure to look for profiles of companies that offer similar products or services. Analyze which publications the audience reacts actively, which content gathers a lot of likes and comments. Maybe borrow ideas for the design of posts and the presentation of products. But the main thing you should look at your competitors is a list of subscribers.
  • Hashtags also help in finding the right users. If you don’t have any ideas at all, find publications on your topic and see what tags others are using.